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Custom Wrapped Appliances

How creative and dynamic do you want to make your appliances?

If you're ready to learn more about how to get your appliances wrapped. Send us details through the 'Contact Us' link so we can set up a consultation!


Make Your Dents Go Away!

Wrapping your appliance provides protection from scratches and hides unsightly dents and dings in the doors. It also makes the exterior easier to clean! 


Themed Wrapped

Have a special look, theme, logo or favorite brand that you absolutely love and want to see during your many visits to and through the kitchen, man cave, woman cave, or work lounge? 

Let us make it a wrap!


You can always go back!

This is not a permanent thing! Want to restore it back to the original or ready for another wrap? The sustainable wrap can come off with heat and an easy peel!

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